Firearm Accessories

Area 419 Magazine Extender


The Area 419 Magazine Extender is a universal magazine extender for any short action magazine. these will allow you to turn a standard 10-round magazine into a 13 to 15 round magazine, depending on the cartridge.  Expected Capacity Increase: ARC...

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KRG Whiskey-3 Gen 5


The Kinetic Research Group Whiskey-3 Gen 5 is one of the best chassis systems on the market. With beautiful machining, fully adjustable, and affordable it is a great chassis for any precision rifle shooter.  Specifications: Remington 700 SA Black Fixed...

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MKM ARC Mag Improved Follower


If you have been having issues with your ARC 10-Round Magazine, this is your solution.  The Improved Follower by MK Machining fixes any issues of rounds diving, hanging up or sliding forward. They even work flawlessly with the Area 419 Magazine Extenders...

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